Advisory Board

Ruby Karen

A performing artist for almost four (4) decades, Ruby Karen is a household name in the dance and aerial arts industry, having performed and taught in over 20 countries and 50 cities, and garnered three world titles in the Dance and Acrobatics arena.  She began her aerial arts training in 2003 and to this day continues to update her skills.  Her aerial arts training has taken her from her local Los Angeles/ Orange County region to Rio De Janeiro, Madrid, San Francisco, Montreal, Mumbai, among others and with specialties in Lyra, Hammock, Silks, Rope, Trapeze, Cube, Vertical Aerials, Harness and several inventive apparatuses.  She continuous to perform all over the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, always searching for new disciplines and styles while gracing the stage with her professional performances. As an educator, she is the program director for  Orange County Aerial Arts, the aerial arts head at Brockus Conservatory,  Pacific Coast Conservatory,  Orange County Arts Center and Fairmont Schools.  She was recently appointed as the president of the Mallakhamb Federation USA (MF-USA), and together with Luca Cecchini, they head the California Chapter of the MF-USA.  She wrote and published several aerial syllabus, complimentary manuals to her certification programs, the International Aerial Teacher Training Program (IATTP).  Said IATTP became the household syllabus for the Ruby Karen Project, Bangkok’s SkyFly, Zenergy Fitness; Mumbai’s Fly High Aerial Art and Manila’s top performance companies and aerial schools, Ballet Manila, Airdance and Polecats. She welcomes collaborative projects and in fact, has toured with performing arts companies locally and abroad.

Luca Cecchini

Born and raised in Italy,  Luca has a long standing career (25 years) as a restaurant owner and Chef in the Liguria/ Riviera area with back to back role as a Producer,  Event Organizer and Stage Constructions of concerts and festivals, including a one month open space festival for the World Cup Series in 2006. In 2007, Luca started his training in aerial arts with Ruby Karen.  He has taken many classes and workshops from well-known institutions and established instructors and has been teaching aerial arts since 2010.  He also garnered his rigging certification prompted by his technical role with his school, the Ruby Karen Project Aerial and Performing Arts, and also because of the growing demand for aerial rigging.  He is one of the sought after certified riggers for theaters, arenas, as well as indoor and outdoor facilities, including Anaheim, Ontario, Riverside. Los Angeles and Anaheim Convention Centers, the Barclay and many similar performing arts venues, the OC Fairgrounds, OC Great Parks and other community facilities, and numerous hotels and event venues.   Aside from his technical knowledge, he is the rigging consultant for the Ruby Karen Project/ Orange County Aerial Arts, and installs, maintains and prepares any and all rigging needs of both the school and associated organizations.  Luca is the resident certified master rigger and aerial instructor at the Ruby Karen Project and the Orange County Aerial Arts. He is also the official rigger for the West Coast Aerial Arts Festival.  Aside from his technical skills in the aerial arts arena, Luca has a passion for designing props and sets and creating inventive apparatuses.  He is also fond of sword fighting and combative stage training.  

Chobi Gyorgy

Chobi Gyorgy maintains a successful career as a celebrated performer and a master rigger. A native of Hungary, Chobi graduated from the intense vocational program of the Hungarian Circus School. He began performing immediately with a nine-person teeter-board act called “Kiss Faludy”, which toured throughout Europe appearing in many well known circuses, including Krone (Germany), Trolle Rodine (Sweden) and, in Latin America, Circo Tihany, as well as on European TV shows. Chobi was the base for many incredible tricks like the four-man high, which was taller than the five-man high stack of other acts. His five years with Kiss Faludy culminated in a tour with the prestigious red unit of “the greatest show on earth,” Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey.

Aurelie Deroux-Dauphin

Aurelie made her professional debut at the age of 17 in “Le Jeune Ballet de France,” a company in which she performed principal modern roles all around the European continent. She was also in “Scottish Ballet,” directed by Robert North. in Austria for “ABC Dance Company” directed by Nicolas Musin, performed and developed aerial pieces at “Jean Ann Ryan Company’s cruise ship productions, principal to modern dance company “Maryse Delente”, and an acrobat and aerialist with the “Transe Express Company.  In Asia, she was a special guest for “Empat Mata TV show”.  After finishing 5th in “Tu Si Que Vales”, the Spanish version of America’s Got talent, she joins Cirque du Soleil in Japan for the Ovo show as a principal role and is set for another contract with them this winter.  From an educational standpoint,  Aurelie is the artistic director of “Cirque de la Lune” a school and touring group for young artist. 

Ms. Dauphin is currently retained by Cirque Du Soleil and enjoys performing her individual projects including her Dolphin Act.

Deborah Brockus
Representing the Performing Arts discipline, Deborah Brockus is labeled “ the single most important person in Southland Dance”, an “impresario”, “ the mother superior of LA dance” and “indefatigable” by the Los Angeles Times, for her involvement in establishing the local dance scene as a producer, choreographer, and teacher.   She is founder and artistic director of Brockus Project Dance Company (1991), the CEO for Brockus Conservatory of Dance and Musical Theater, a pre-professional boarding arts high school and has held many positions in the past including the former Chair of the Dance Department at Idyllwild Arts Academy, the Former Director of the Summer Dance Program at Idyllwild Arts Academy, Former Chair of Dance at the California Conservatory of the Arts, and former head of the Dance Division of LAUSD’s Saturday Gifted and Talented Conservatory.  Brockus has worked nationally and internationally on stage, in film, and on television as both a dancer and choreographer. She is also the founding director of Los Angeles Dance Festival and 40 Dance In LA showcases, which include Spectrum (local professionals), New Perspectives (high school invitational), Split (mixing an out of town company with three local companies) and  Caught Between (multi-media) and Why We Dance Series ( a dialogue between the artists and audiences)

Watch out for more advisory directors to come...

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