Mission Statement

• To standardize the aerial arts education, by qualifying teachers through AAA’s certification program initiated by leading aerial arts educators, Ruby Karen, together with other industry names specialized in this field.
• To promote aerial arts to its ultimate technical challenges through competitive sports and artistic performance;
• To elevate the status of aerialist as a respected member of the sports and performing arts community;
• To encourage aerialists to participate in competitions, workshops, showcases, festival and alike in order to develop their skills and ultimately recognize & reward their efforts.
• To professionalize aerial arts by the introduction of a formal syllabus and the adoption of check and balance methods though examinations, certifications, accreditation, apprenticeship and residency;
• To foster harmonious relations between aerial and circus arts organizations through festivals, competitions and collaborative projects.  Given the budgeted resources, AAA shall  assist educational organizations in their journey to promote aerial arts in their respective community
• To produce, host performances and provide a platform for all levels of aerial artists to develop, support, recognize and encourage the continuity of artist training, and to ultimately sustain and develop the technical and artistic standards of artists in our community.
• To discover and develop elite artists through competitions, workshops, festivals and showcases.
• To encourage participation from aerial arts and similarly corresponding organizations and educational institutions for the purpose of unifying and standardizing the aerial arts vocabulary and educational system.
• To be recognized as the re-conciliatory body and watch dog of the aerial arts industry


To achieve our missions, we need your support.  Aerial Arts America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your contribution is tax deductible.

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