COMPETITION RESULTS: 4th West Coast Aerial Arts Festival (2016)

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the 4th West Coast Aerial Arts Festival – Nov. 11 – 13, 2016. The following are the winners of each category.  Additional notations, photos and videos will soon be posted.

Photo Credit: Staci Ensminger

Photo Credit: Staci Ensminger


Photo: Kallista Russell. & Lila Jin.

Photo Credit: Olivia Lackey

Photo Credit: Olivia Lackey

Overall Winner:  Camryn Cox
Award for the Overall Winner:  $500. Cash Prize

1st Runner-up:  Amanda Wormald:  2nd Runner-up:  Maddie Seay

Amateur: Hoop/ Trapeze 7-12 years old
1st Place: Lila Jin
2nd Place: Paulina Gustov
3rd Place:  Alina Silva

Amateur: Hoop 13 – 17 yrs old
1st Place: Amanda Wormald
2nd Place: Staci Ensminger
3rd Place: Kalista Russell

Amateur Trapeze 13 – 17 yrs old
1st Place: Camille Osborne
2nd Place: Olivia Lackey
3rd Place: Brian Ungar

Amateur open Solo 7 – 17
1st Place: Karri Pelz
2nd Place: Sylvia Dickman
3rd Place: Angelina Solis

Semi-Professional Open Solo
1st Place: Corey Friedenbach
2nd Place: Caitlin Lackey
3rd Place: Christina Kaoh

Amateur Open Group 7 – 17
1st Place: Lila Jin & Kallista Russell
2nd Place: Samantha Barratt & Cooper Yarosloski
3rd Place: Gabrielle Payne & Amanda Wormald

Professional Open Group
1st Place: Olivia Lackey & Corey Friedenbach
2nd Place: Gillian Hall and Tamysen Malles

Amateur Tissu 7 – 12 yrs old
1st Place: Nubia Magana
2nd Place: Lili Takats
3rd Place:
Ella Baseden

Amateur Tissu 13 – 17
1st Place: Camryn Cox
2nd Place: Maddie Seay
3rd Place:
Amanda Wormald

Amateur Open Solo 18 – 49
1st Place: Laurel Castenholz
2nd Place: Amber Wang
3rd Place: Sabrina Turjman

Open Solo 50 +
1st Place: Ruby Straehley
2nd Place: Edie Morton

Professional Open Solo
1st Place: Jocelyn Wetherington
2nd Place: Courtney Stevens
3rd Place: Ashley Hall

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