Aerial Arts Certifications

Aerial Arts America spearheads the education standards of the aerial arts discipline through multiple programs, namely: Teacher Certification; the West Coast Aerial Arts Festival, Continuing Education and Scholarship Programs.

Mission: Aims to bring central standards, benchmark teacher quality and ensure execution and practice of safety protocols through extensive hands-on training, education and multiple examinations.

International Aerial Teacher Training Program (IATTP)
(See below for description)

FAST TRACK IATTP session are scheduled twice a year in May and November
Regular Track are normally 3 – 6 months and are conducted twice a year in March and October.
Special Tracks are conducted when there are 3 or more IATTP enrollees
Written & Practical Examinations:  Scheduled a day after the last training Fast Track session
There are multiple examinations and arranged scheduling of each shall be placed
Aerial Dance Fitness Certification – Level 1 – Performing Arts Certification
(Tissu/ Silks – Lyra/Hoop – Hammock)

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How to Apply as a Training Provider

AERIAL ARTS AMERICA provides aerial arts certification for teachers through training, examinations and residency.  The following certification examinations are currently being conducted.

  • Hammock Fitness
  • Aerial Hammock (Level 1 & 2)
  • Hoop Fitness
  • Aerial Hoop Dance (Level 1 & 2)
  • Aerial Tissu (Level 1 & 2)
  • Aerial Dance Fitness (most comprehensive certification)

Aerial Arts America’s current training provider  for the above certificates is the Ruby Karen Project School of Aerial and Performing Arts.  Through their International Aerial Arts Training Program (IATTP), they offer both the  fast track and regular sessions and provide training manuals.   They also offer crash course for professionals that want to understand the certification examination coverage.  Written examinations are 2 – 4 parts, depending on the certification, while there are multiple practical examinations covering the teaching, the performance and the technical aspects.  Check out the next examination date or email us to schedule one.

To School Directors:  Are you interested in becoming a training provider for AAA’s certification program?  If so, please contact us to discuss qualification and criteria.


Is your organization equipped to handle/ provide training at your current facility?

Are you interested in providing scholarship grants and assist Aerial Arts America in its scholarship program?

Does your school have a formal syllabus that is universally implemented by all your teachers? Then,

You may qualify to beome an AAA Training Provider

Aerial Arts America is now accepting applications to be one of its training vendor.  Please submit the following to:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Complete description of your organization
  3. A copy of your current syllabus for aerial arts classes
  4. A proposed training program for applicants
  5. Proposed fees and rates for the training program

Your application will be reviewed and a decision or Request for Information (RFA) shall be communicated within eight (8) weeks.


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