Tuition Fees & Schedule of Examinations

AERIAL ARTS AMERICA offers two (2) categories of certification, namely Fitness and the Performing Arts

A. Fitness Certification:  Targeted mainly to students whose fitness level is limited or those in their beginner’s stage.
  There is a $500.00 examination fee which includes written examination and 2 practical exams consisting of actual teaching a class and a rigging exam. There are three (3) types of fitness certification, as follows:

  1.   Hammock Fitness – this low-height Hammock (loop on the hip level) is a great entry level for potential instructors as it requires less strength based skills.   Its vocabulary contains a large number of floor exercises as well as tilting movements that develop flexibility, reflex sharpness, balance and somatic perceptions and strength.
  2. Aerial Hoop Fitness:  Basic hangs, chin ups and straddles in various shapes and form, make up for this program.  Designed for students who already have fitness or sports background, the training focuses on clients who want to maintain and/or improve their current condition. 

B. Aerial Performance Arts: This certification warrants the combinations of moves and tricks to form highly technical routines, either for performance or for competition.  There is a $600.00 examination fee which includes a written examination and 3 practical exams consisting of actual teaching a class, performing a routine and a rigging examination. There are five (5) types of certification under the aerial performance category.

  1. Aerial Hammock: High hammocks (above the head level)
  2. Hoop/ Lyra Fundamentals:  Grounded with Basic spins, swings, climbs and hangs
  3. Contortion Lyra:  The focus of attention is on highly flexible and strength combined moves.
  4. Aerial Silks/Tissu Level 1:  Basic combination skills
  5. Aerial Silks/Tissu Level 2: Advance – complex and open tricks in the form and in combination with swings, climbs, drops, spins & roll
  6. Aerial Dance Fitness:  Designed to meet the needs of both entry-level students and the seasoned athlete. Creating synergy by fusing ground movements with the various aerial apparatus (tissu, hoop & hammock), half of the class time is spent on flexibility and strengthening exercises both ground and in the air along with basic dance and styling techniques side by side aerial combinations to improved posture, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Please note that we currenlty only have one (1) qualifying provider for the teacher training program.  The Ruby Karen Project’s International Aerial Teacher Training Program (IATTP). is geared to meet Silks, Lyra and Hammock (Sling) certification requirements.  Please visit their website for additional information regarding the IATTP course and examination dates.

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