There are various ways you can help Aerial Arts America.  Outlined below are instructions to process your donation or sponsorship depending on the type of support you are providing.

Non-Monetary Sponsorship and Donations – Follow this link for Sponsor Application

Monetary Sponsorship and Donations

Aerial Arts America accepts any amount.  All donors with be provided with a receipt for tax deductions,  Based on the amount of donations over $300, benefits include one or more of the following:  Presence in website, Flyers, Souvenir Programs, Special mention and announcements during the festival and other related AAA programs.


By Check:  Please fill out the advertiser’s form (please scroll below) and send check – Payable as follows:

Aerial Arts America
3001 Red Hill Ave. Bldg. 1 Suite 107
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

By Credit Card: To pay by Credit Card with PayPal click one of the following links.

  • For “Festival – Prize Money”, visit our Donate Now page.
  • For “Festival – Prize Gift”, visit our Donate Now page.
  • For “Scholarship Grant”, visit our Donate Now page.
  • For “Advertisement Sponsorship”– Ad space, Logo and/or Credit, Logo Print, Presenter and Vendor click here.

Submission Deadline:  Oct. 15, 2017

1.  West Coast Aerial Arts Festival Souvenir Program        Check out 2016 Souvenir Program

Full Page 7-1/2” x 10” $ 190.00
Half Page 7-1/2” x 4-7/8”
NO vertical ads
$ 110.00
Quarter Page 3-5/8” x 4-7/8”
NOTE: Height must be 4-7/8”
NO horizontal ads
Business Card 3-5/8” x 2-1/4” $ 45.00
  • For detailed information on the ad space, click here.
  • For online application and donate by check info, click here.

2.  LOGO / NAME CREDITS on AAA’s website and social media channels

Between $300 – $500/ year.  Presence via logo or name credit will be published on our main website activities including the West Coast Aerial Arts Festival webpage and the Teacher Certification webpages. Your donation will help maintenance of social media and website costs.

  • $300:   1 year Logo presence on Website page (Choice of Festival, Scholarship or Teacher Certification page)
  • $400:  1 year Logo and Credit presence on Website page (Choice of Festival, Scholarship or Teacher Certification page)
  • $500:  1 year Logo and Credit Presence on Website page (Choice of Festival, Scholarship or Teacher Certification page) and Social Media Outlets

3.  Logo Print on WCAAF’s Swag Bags, T-shirts or Photo Backdrop

Sponsor will have their logo printed on Swag Bags and/or T-Shirts which will be distributed to all participants of the WCAAF.  Sponsor can also opt to have their logo printed on WCAAF’s photo backdrop that will be set-up at the festival for three days.   Participants will be taking pictures during the festival at the photo area and images will be distributed both physically, digitally and in social media.

Proceeds of these type of sponsorship will assist in the expenses relating to these items (Swag Bags, T-Shirts and Backdrop) as well as other AAA programs.

  • Photo- Backdrop: $350
  • Swag Bags:  $350
  • T-Shirt: $400

4.  Two (2) minute Presenter’s Speech

Competition rounds (Nov. 11 & 12): $150
Awards Ceremony (Nov. 13): $150

5.  Vendor Table

West Coast Aerial Arts Festival – All Days: $150:
One Day:  $60.

Advertising Application Form

  • Advertisement

  • Logo and/ or Credits

  • Logo Print

  • Presenter

  • Vendors

  • Fees and Payment

  • http://aerialartsamerica.com/west-coast-aerial-arts-festival/wcaaf-program-advertising-space/advertisement-sponsorship-form-digital/


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